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ek2 05-25-2007 03:26 PM

can't register with BIS

I've got a pre-owned blackberry, which was registered with O2 uk, the account with O2 has been deleted, I tested to register there,after I enter the Pin and IMEI no. with O2 there is popup saying" Your device has not yet been registered with the network. Please refer to the Getting Started documentation on how to register your device before you continue. If you choose to proceed with this account setup process before registering your device you may be sent to a BlackBerry service home screen with reduced service features until you have registered your device."

I'm using T-mobile uk when I trying to register there, after I entered the Pin and IMEI , there is popup saying "This BlackBerry is registered with a different service provider. Please re-register this BlackBerry and verify the URL matches the one provided by your service provider."

Could anyone tell me what's happening here and what shall I do to register with T-mobile, there is no account associate with O2 any more, who should I find to resovle this problem?

Thank you

juice901 05-25-2007 05:37 PM

I've had this problem before. I called T-Mobile (U.S.) and they contacted RIM and it took them a day or two to release the PIN.

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