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Default RIM Sold 150,000 BlackBerry Torch 9800s This Past Weekend?

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Analysts over at RBC Capital Markets and Stifel Nicolaus together seem to think that RIM sold about 150,000 BlackBerry Torch 9800s this past weekend. While 150,000 devices is pretty impressive for a phone locked to AT&T for now it is still a far cry from the iPhone which everyone is comparing it to. Maybe RIM will make a killing once it starts rolling out internationally?

Still the WSJ makes a good point by saying that a large group of BlackBerry users are corporate device holders which usually do not buy them for their fleet on launch day. I am assuming that once prices get down to $50 and RIM brings out models for CDMA carriers and around the world then sales will pick up. The issue I think RIM is having is that when you compare them based on numbers like device specs and other features they donít stack up well.

So what do you think? Is 150,000 devices underwhelming?

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RIM would do better to not exclusively lock to a network. The Torch is only scheduled for Vodafone here, and that's not the network we use in the enterprise. So no 9800 roll-out here.
This only fuels the "get me an iPhone then" cries TBH, when I say "nah, you can't have that BB everrrrr.... Or at least for a year"

As for CDMA models... Don't think there's much call for those in Europe lolol. We have the model we need, just locked into exclusive contracts everywhere, which for the main, the iPhone is not.
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I think compared to the iPhone 4, the number are underwhelming. RIM devices have a difference sales cycle. Typically RIM's corporate customers are not the first ones to buy a new device. Although 150,000 devices is nothing in comparison to the iPhone numbers, their product life cycle will last longer.
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It's not quite fair to compare it to the iPhone since the iPhone was released by multiple carriers in 5 different countries at the same time, and the Torch was released by a single carrier in 1 country. Apples to oranges (pun totally intended).

I have to wonder what the iPhone numbers would look like if it was only released by AT&T in the US for the first weekend. Hmmm...? Would it be the same? Might still be more, but sure as he-double-hockeysticks wouldn't be as large as they are saying.
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All I know is AT&T (with RIM) are offering it at $99 on 3-years now.

At my work we've got a friendly connection to RIM so they are gracoius enough to provide us with a stock of BB's every now and again. We're asking for 6 Torch devices. Being that Rogers isn't even selling them yet, we'll see what the response is.

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Default Re: RIM Sold 150,000 BlackBerry Torch 9800s This Past Weekend?

holy crap, i didn't think the torch was that popular. i still don't like it
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Default Re: RIM Sold 150,000 BlackBerry Torch 9800s This Past Weekend?

Superh3ro, You do realize the number of CDMA carriers is far and few between in the world, right?
- Right now Verizon, Sprint, and any other CDMA small-fry carrier barely cares about BlackBerry/RIM at the moment. Smartphone sales are dropping and unfortunately they're beginning to look like feature phones and less like smartphones.

I'm unsure how you see the 9800 Torch as being carrier locked? Maybe in the USA it is but in Canada: Rogers, Bell, Telus, and Virgin Mobile [an MNVO] carriers this.

The bigger picture is that since this is a touch screen device MANY corporate users will not purchase this since its also a slider. Unfortunately the Torch does NOT offer a forgiving touch screen typing sensation as the iPhone - and this is what end users will expect.

Yes some corps/suits will get this - just like at my workplace - but its in the handful. MOST users get it for 2 main reasons: Larger screen and Webkit Browser. THAT is it. Unfortunately many corporations are locked into device specific for free upgrades corporate wide which will hone in on the 9700 ... the 9780 should shake things up a bit because it gives users the tried and true keyboard, form-factor, and battery life along with BB6 and the much improved browser.

ALthough I'm waiting to see the Torch 3 with BB6 and Capacitive-Touch Screen ... I really think that RIM should take it back to the drawing board and DON'T deliver it with anything less in HW than: Cortex A8/9 at 800-1000Mhz, 1GB of RAM, and 1500mAh battery life. It can be slightly taller - say .5" than the Storm 2 - but should have the MicroUSB slot on the BOTTOM with charging contacts. PLEASE RIM.
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