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Tom 09-14-2004 07:08 PM

[09-14-2004] RIM Backs Novell w/GroupWise BlackBerry Support

Research In Motion (RIM) has demonstrated a version of its BlackBerry Enterprise Server developed to support Novell's GroupWise collaboration suite.

Adding GroupWise support to BlackBerry Enterprise Server, which enables push-based, wireless access to email and other corporate data, is designed to allow GroupWise users to roll out the BlackBerry architecture and security model without having to learn or support any additional infrastructure.

Enterprise Server for Groupwise also supports Advanced Encryption Standard, and features local data encryption to protect data stored on the handheld, according to RIM.

bfrye 09-14-2004 07:14 PM

I keep hearing this, but with all the seminar's and everything coming up for Exchange/Domino, nothing seems to mention groupwise. I'm hoping they aren't releasing it substandard just to get it out there and compete with other 3rd party products...

emale 09-14-2004 08:38 PM

My RIM rep told me it was going to be on par with 4.0 for Exchange/Domino

bfrye 09-14-2004 09:03 PM

I've been told the same thing, but it's just not getting advertised like Exchange/Domino is...

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