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Heavy Fluid 02-01-2009 10:44 AM

Big problems with themes after fresh upgrade
I upgraded my 8830 to last night after a downgrade to because I got sick of I couldn't stand the 4.2 setup. OK. I found 4.5 for my device on Google, deleted the vendor .xml, deleted the old OS, and installed it on my phone. Everything works great. Glad to be back on 4.5. Everything works as it should, or so I thought.

I loaded a Today plus (6 customizable icons + the calendar) onto my phone that I had made previously on Plazmic 4.6 for the 88xx with 4.5. I used it before on .51. OK. It loads. Calendar does not show any entries. Odd. I had it set to 5. I remake the entire theme, thinking maybe something was not right. Set it to 5 to be absolutely sure. Still does not show any entries, and I notice something weird under Options > Status. OK. Time for a different theme. I open the stock Dimension Today theme on the phone. No calendar entries. That is odd. I could swear that at least 2 show.

OK. Download the bDroid theme by BCollins. There has to be an explanation for this. Maybe I missed something. So I download the Today plus version.

That is how it shows on my phone. Odd. No calendar entries. The theme is set up for 5. Mine shows 0. OK.

Options > Status.

All third party themes show like this, including the ones I made. They are all uneven, and show a huge memory drop. I started out with 19, added this theme, and it shows 15.

OK. Tell me that I am not losing my mind. .101 is supposed to be pretty stable isn't it? Does it not allow for third party themes? I searched and couldn't find anyone with this problem. I even made sure that I had stuff entered in the calendar to show. I added my work schedule for this upcoming week.

Options > About shows v4.5.0.101 (Platform 8830 on Verizon BIS.

My PIN is posted in that picture if anyone wants to contact me via BBM if they have a solution. I am just stumped.

Thanks for any and all help.

Heavy Fluid 02-01-2009 01:24 PM

I am back on the default Verizon theme, and everything seems to work. Is it just a glitch with some of the beta 4.5 releases?

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