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monkfishbandana 07-29-2010 05:29 PM

Theme Builder - Bold 9000 not rendering themes correctly
I installed OS 5 on my Bold a few months ago to gain some features such as message threading and a better browser. The BlackBerry help page shows the difference between the Precision theme on the 9000 and the "updated Precision" theme on the 9700, and the most obvious difference is - as the Theme Builder calls it - the 'tab focus', or the blue highlight that appears to show which icon you are on. On the 9000 this is a simple darkening and a glow, but on the 9700 it is a gradient blue background with a slight glow.

I understand that they are different hardware, but I can't understand why even installing OS 5 won't give this blue icon highlight on the 9000.

For me this was just a minor annoyance as I thought it looked better, but when I create a theme in the Theme Builder using the Bold 9000 > Zen template and send it to the BlackBerry to simulate it doesn't appear correctly at all! I can mess around with a few settings to get the tab focus to appear, but in the main menu it doesn't appear at all!

Can somebody PLEASE shed some light on this situation and possible solutions on how to fix it? Thanks :)

EDIT: Theme fonts are also not rendering correctly - font sizes are all over the place and it's making it very difficult to gauge where things should be. In other words, the themes I'm designing look nothing like the design once they're on the device :(

monkfishbandana 07-30-2010 08:21 AM

Turns out I've solved it myself. For anyone else who may come across this problem (or wants the current 9700 theme on the 9000) then you just need to copy the images you want to show from

C:\Program Files (x86)\Research In Motion\BlackBerry Theme Studio 5.0\samples\Themes\Images\Precision480x320\icons

and paste them in a new folder elsewhere on your computer. Then simply go into the theme editor, create a new theme with the Bold 9000 Zen template and replace the files with the identical ones that are in the new location. The fonts are still a bit off but with some tweaking they'll be fine - hope this helps :)

Heavy Fluid 07-30-2010 08:58 AM

I think that the issue you are running into here is that the 9700 is 480x360, and the 9000 is 480x320, therefore the items used in the themes may not be the same exact size, like fonts, which is why you are having font issues.

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