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Drillbit 10-05-2009 02:22 AM

BerryBattle Civil War: Storm 2 vs. 9700 vs. 9630 vs. 8520 vs. 8530 vs. 8930
Picking a new future BB. Currently not using a BB, despite having three in the house. Basically my daughter uses a Storm, and somewhere around there is another Storm and a World Edition my wife ain't using or only when she travels.

I run two providers now, one with EV-DO and another with HSPA. So I can pick with at least one Blackberry in any of the two providers.

Both providers support Blackberries with fairly predictable lines. If they have it in the US sooner or later, they will have it here as well.

First level choice is touch screen vs. qwertyface.

There will be Storm 2s in both EV-DO and HSPA as well as qwertyfaces for both interfaces. If touch screen wins, next question would be to pick which version of the Storm 2, GSM or CDMA? (9520 vs. 9550)

If qwertyface wins, which qwertyface would be? (9700 vs. 9630) Should I stick with GSM/HSPA or go with CDMA/EV-DO? Should I go with high end (9700/9630) or low end (8520/8530/8930)?

9700 and 8520 vs. 9630, 8530 (8520 with EV-DO) or 8930 (8900 with EV-DO).

I tend to lean on the 9700, however, my EV-DO carrier gives better rates and I like their connection more. If I'm feeling skimpy, I would go with the Curves. I prefer having 3G over 2G. However, I feel that the EV-DO Curves might not have Wifi like the 2G GSM 8520. Its a question of 3G with no Wifi vs. 2G with wifi. The 9630 has the "edge" with the 2100 HSPA which can be very handy when I travel. I don't know if the 9700 would offer 2100 but the previous Bold did. 9630 has no wifi however, 9700 does.

I seem to like the optical navpad more than the trackball.


I use one carrier with 850 HSPA 3G and 1900 GSM.

I use another carrier with CDMA / EV-DO. I'm still debating over the relative performances of these two carriers, as both are not perfect.

I travel once in a while. The places I travel use GSM and 2100 HSPA.

I have wifi spots both at home and at work, not to mention I go to coffeeshops with Wifi.

Usage. Heavy on the following

IM, especially on Yahoo.

Drillbit 10-22-2009 01:44 AM

I made my choice---even on the eve of the Storm 2 and Bold 2 announcements. I took the Tour. Its more of a carrier choice.

1. They had a cheaper data plan.

2. That cheaper data plan is faster than the equivalent I would pay on the other carriers.

3. That cheaper data plan only ties me up for one year, not two.

4. Cheaper calls and text messages to the Philippines.

5. Though not perfect, I prefer the quality of their data connection over the other two, one of whom just recently entered the 3G world that late. The carrier I'm using my Tour now, is hooked up with my cable internet provider, which has some good back end connections.

6. Fact that I get it now, instead of waiting till Christmas, which is the estimated time I would expect the Bold 2 and Storm 2 to get to the island.

7. Availability of 2100 3G UMTS, which makes it easier for roaming in Asia. Though the Bold 2 might have this too.

Still, I would have preferred the Bold 2 from the hardware view point, the appearance, the faster CPU, OS 5.0 included (which may come for the Tour as well), Wifi included.

Metaphorically, the choice is akin to Verizon/Tour vs. AT&T/Bold2. Better network vs. better hardware.

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