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ubizmo 02-08-2010 07:59 PM

Upgrade time...or not
I've been a BB user for just over 2 years. Before that I had Sidekicks for over 4 years. My first BB was an 8320; now I have an 8900. By the calendar, I'm eligible for upgrade in April, but T-Mobile seems to be opening the cage door early for some reason. At any rate, according to their site I can upgrade now, and I confirmed that with a call to Customer Care.

So, here are my thoughts.

1. I'm running beta OS, and it's very good, except for problems with UMA calls. But I have no wish to return to 4.6. The BB OS has always felt clumsy to me, but OS 5 is a step in the right direction.

2. The keyboard is decent. Even 2 years after the Sidekick, I still miss the SK keyboard, which was simply the best. But the 8900 keyboard is quite good.

3. I'm interested in the Android platform. My wife has the MyTouch, and I've had plenty of opportunity to use it. I like it, and I even think I could get used to touch screen text entry. I like the variety of apps in the Android Market. I use gmail anyway, so the gmail integration is attractive. I also have a work email account, but 15 minute POP polling is adequate for that.

4. I've looked at the Storm 2. I even owned a Storm 1 for a while, but couldn't get it working right with T-mo. But a proper GSM Storm 2 (9520) will set me back at least $500 and I just don't want to spend that much, and obviously it's not in the T-Mobile upgrade program.

5. The MyTouch 1.2 is rumored to be coming soon--possibly in a couple of days. It will have a 3.5 mm headphone jack, which the original MyTouch should have had. It will also have Swype text entry, which I haven't tried, but looks interesting.

6. The Nexus 1 is an option--or it will be. Although I can upgrade to a regular T-Mobile device early, I can't get the T-Mobile price on the N1 until my official date in April.

7. Although there are some appealing apps in the Android Market, I'd be giving up a few too. JiveTalk is one. Barnes&Noble ereader is another. Since the BN Nook dedicated ereader uses the Android platform, I have to believe that the Android Market will get it at some point, but it's not there yet.

8. Auto-text! I'm an auto-text power user. Without auto-text, any text entry system will seem crippled. Android doesn't have it, and I haven't found any indication that it's in the works, except this intriguing item at a developers' site: AutoText | Android Developers.

9. The 8900 has quite a good camera, and I use it often. The MyTouch camera doesn't seem as good in general, and has no flash. I don't know about the N1 camera, other than it has a flash. It's 5 MP, but I think that's irrelevant. The number of MP only concerns how large a picture you can get, not how good--at least beyond a certain point. The 8900's 3.2 MP can take a photo big enough to be a good size on even high-res computer screens, and that's big enough. After that, it's the quality of the lens that matters, and the software, and the BB seems to do well in both areas.

10. Bigger Screen (MyTouch 1.2 or N1) Good.

Obviously, I'm torn between my own preferences and priorities, but I thought this forum was the right place to go for therapy.


medellincartel 03-04-2010 04:08 PM

T-Mobile or any carrier for that matter gives you 14 days to test out a phone. Just get the phone you think you might like and give it a shot for two weeks, if you end up not liking it return it.

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