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daphne 06-09-2010 11:41 PM

BlackBerry vs. iPhone 4 - enterprise security
iPhone 4, iOS 4 offer deeper enterprise support - Computerworld

Gartner says:

Dulaney also referred to a research note that he and another Gartner analyst, John Girard, prepared on May 20 that stated, "Apple continues to make incremental improvements for enterprise support [with iOS 4] and will widen its appeal to third parties and end users."

But those optimistic remarks were followed by this comment: "The iPhone is still not at the level of the BlackBerry at its highest levels of security, or at the level of Microsoft when third-party products complement Windows Mobile. However, Apple's iPhone OS 4 enhancements are a step in the right direction."

lprmcnit 06-10-2010 11:51 AM

There's also the issue we are struggling with now of appstore and other apps like weather or stocks ( for example) not being proxy server aware. If you have a wi-fi only device and connect it to a secure wi-fi network that requires the use of proxy credentials, Safari works, but the other apps don't use the proxy credentials associated with the secure wi-fi network. Also the issue of how to purchase apps from the appstore..right now you need an apple id and credit card. This is fine for a single user, but what if youw ant to deploy an app to 50 iPhones..does each user need their own credit card and Apple ID? RIM doesn't seem to have resolved the proxy issue either. At least on my device(VZW BB Curve II, if you set up a wi-fi network, their is no place to supply required proxy you are forced to use hotspot type wi-fi, not corproate wi-fi networks.

NJBlackBerry 06-10-2010 12:13 PM

Ken's a funny guy. I know him pretty well. Changes direction more frequently than any other anaylst I know. Once wrote a note to Gartner customers urging them to move off of the BlackBerry as they were going to lose the patent infringement case. They settled that one.

sjcdmill 08-19-2010 07:13 PM

Is there anyone that can bring up say the five largest points why RIM/Blackberry is so much better at enterprise security than Iphone's currently? I keep hearing that BB is better but no one goes in to the 'why' very far.

I have heard things like BB can support over 400 IT policies and I-phone's solution only supports 13.. Well my environment only uses one so that is ok.

Is there some fundemental encryption differences? If so what is it? Will it still take 10+ years to break the weaker encryption?

Is it possible to lock down "user initiated third party applications" on the I-phone? That obviously seems like a huge security hole. Nowadays I'm sure the average highschool kid can wright an app that secretly uses your corporate e-mail if it is present... Or, is there a reason this can't/wouldn't be done?

People also mention that BB/BES adds critical enterprise required regulatory compliance options that I phone does not? What is this? Is it just password policies because that appears to be an option. I realize the BES can record a lot of usage information including SMS logging but we don't use that at this time and I dont know if any regulatory body saying that I need to.

I am in the process of comparing these and I would love some input from the BB elite.

Oh, and sorry to add this on but is it safe to say android devices are in the exact same boat as Iphone devices? (activesync solution)

Thanks in advance!
Best Regards,

sjcdmill 08-19-2010 07:58 PM

I apologize I did not even notice that was a link and did not read the linked article.. Reading it now.

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