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bigwillokc 04-12-2009 10:32 AM

anyone need a room at the orlando marriott
I decided to rent a home since my family is going with me, so I'm going to cancel my room at the marriott orlando world resort. If anyone needs a room let me know and maybe we can arrange a three way call with reservations to cancel mine and out it in your name. Just thought I would try to help a bbf member get a room before letting it go to someone else. Pm me if interested otherwise I will just cancel it next week if I don't hear back from anyone.

akosnitzky 04-12-2009 03:51 PM

Wirelessly posted (Its All About the U!)

It may help if they know the dates with the arrangement. Just a suggestion.

bigwillokc 04-12-2009 06:53 PM

I have a room reserved from sunday may 3rd to sunday may 10th so that should cover just about anyones needs. I would just call and cancel so someone else could get as many or few days as they needed.

bigwillokc 04-13-2009 08:00 PM

nobody was interested so room was cancelled.

joestyer 05-01-2009 09:36 PM

I wish I would have seen this post before tonight. I am having one heck of a time finding a hotel anywhere close at this point. lol...

bigwillokc 05-01-2009 10:47 PM

Nothing like waiting til the last minute!!!!

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