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riese 10-04-2008 10:11 PM

Finally used my 8310 as a Modem then stopped working!
Great site you guys have here. Well, I used the how to use you Blackberry as a modem FAQ and after a bit of messing around it finally worked. I have an AT&T phone so the only problem I had was figuring out if I should use the info from the Orange, Blue or plain AT&T sections. Well the AT&T section finally worked but only once. I then unpluged the BB to use it in the other room and when I returned I clicked on the BB icon to re-connect and it dials
*99 and connects but stays at the verifying username and password screen for about three minutes then just says connection failed. I tried it another 5 times. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I run Vista Home and have a 8310 BB. The computer was not touched while I was gone so I really cant see why it wont work. Oh, also, I checked and the B alone has internet connectivity.

Sorry for the long post nummber 1. :oops:

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