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ivo10 04-19-2010 08:11 PM

Customized Alert for a contact in 9700
BB 9700
v5.0.0.422 (Platform

Here is my question. I am using a normal profile. I set its alert for messages (I set it to volume 3 with BBPro_Confirm). . Now i went to a particular contact and edit the alert tone so it will have a distinct alert with a certain volume level (10 with BBPro_Asian Morning). This customized alert tone for the contact person is set to both Level 1 and Email (desktop) and I removed all "Active in Profile" setting and set it manually.

1. The thing i noticed is that, in my first testing, it is working but it works intermittently. After few messages or testing, it wont alert anymore and it will use the default alert tone of messages under the profile and not by contact alert. Have you experienced this? Do I need to do more configuration for it to work? I really need this for my work because when I am on call, i dont want to wake up with all the alerts im getting. I just want to wake up for a critical issue/contact(which is alerted through this customized alert for a contact).

Please advise and give your suggestions in details. Thank you very much.

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