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steve_e 12-08-2008 04:35 AM

Bluetooth & BB Bold & Dell XPS laptop
Hi -
I've searched here (and elsewhere) but can't find an exact replica of this problem - and following the parts of this problem that seem similar in other threads haven't yet given me a solution - so any suggestions gratefully received:

I have a Dell laptop running Vista with BB Desktop manager (version running on it, and a new BB Bold. There seem to be two aspects to the problem, one Vista (or Dell) bluetooth drivers, and one BB Desktop manager related:

First one:

After the initial connection and passkeys are exchanged, when it seems that everything is connected, Windows says it needs to install device drivers for your Bluetooth peripheral device (blackberry bold). It searches windows update and other places, then pops up a box:


Found new hardware - bluetooth peripheral device

If you have the disc that came with your device, insert it now. Windows will automatically serach the disc for driver software.
So I insert the Blackberry bold disc.The windows box says it's searching the disc. Windows 'was unable to install your bluetooth peripheral device as it couldn't find driver software.

Vista then offers the option of trying to locate drivers itself (using Windows Update I guess), but it can't find anything. The final message it gives is:


Problem caused by BlackBerry Bluetooth Device

This problem was caused by a compatibility issue between this version of Windows and BlackBerry Bluetooth Device.

This product is usually distributed by the company that manufactured your device or computer.

If you bought BlackBerry Bluetooth Device from a retailer and installed it yourself, you will need to contact its manufacturer.

To find out if a solution or an updated version of BlackBerry Bluetooth Device is available, go online to your computer manufacturer’s website:

Research In Motion Limited
As I understand it there are no BB specific bluetooth drivers available from RIM? I have been to Dell and downloaded their latest drivers for bluetooth (bluetooth 2.0 EDR device driver), however, I'm still getting the 'bluetooth peripheral device' vista messages whenever I re-start the PC. In the Device Manager, under 'Other Devices it has two listings of 'Bluetooth Peripheral Device', with the message 'This device is not configured correctly (Code 1)'.

So that's the first problem - I guess the Dell drivers aren't suitable, yet Windows Vista can't seem to find appropriate drivers.

The second problem is that actually, despite the above issue, the desktop manager and BB Bold ARE syncing via Bluetooth - passkeys have been exchanged and my MS Outlook contacts, tasks and calendar are all updating when the device is connected, which is great.

But the connection needs to be re-established every four or five minutes. What happens is I get the following message:


Every now and then, after exchanging passkeys I get the following message (when Blackberry Desktop Manager is loaded):
Bluetooth Device Detected.
Device: Bluetooth-PIN: 25xxxxxxx
Would you like the Blackberry Desktop Manager to connect to the Blackberry device using Bluetooth(R) wireless technology?

I then click yes, and the sync happens again - irritatingly it then goes through Processing device address book, reading from device address book, etc., all over again. If I don't keep clicking yes at this point, within a few minutes the software seems to throw a big sulk and won't re-connect until I've closed the desktop manager down, switched the BB off and started it all up again.

Is this regular re-connection supposed to happen or is it to do with the Vista driver problem above.

Apologies, this was a long post but I thought it would be useful to put the whole thing in context. :smile:

Regards, Steve

brasselv 12-09-2008 01:50 PM

I'm facing exactly the same issue (each detail/message/result is the same as Steve's).
Here's my setup.
- BB Bold (bought yesterday :-) )
- Desktop manager version, from the box, 4.6 (now upgraded 4.7, still same problem)
- Vista32 SP1
- Acer Aspire 5920

I also tried to install last version of Acer's bluetooth driver, from their website. Nothing changed.

thanks for any support you may provide.

steve_e 12-11-2008 01:42 PM

Well this is a dark lonely little corner of the internet eh?

Looks like we've got a unique problem that nobody can help with. But it would have been nice if someone could have at least said hello and welcome... :)

brasselv 12-11-2008 04:18 PM

yeah, feels cold and dark in here.
anyway, at least problem2, which seems unrelated to problem1, looks not so unique after some further looking around.

it actually seems to be "by design", i.e. there is no "silent mode" avail (which, of course, kinda sucks). google something like "blackberry syncronization silent mode".

good luck, steve.

steve_e 12-12-2008 10:36 AM

Thanks for that a. :smile:

If I find out what's going on with problem 1 I'll let you know!

Regards, Steve.

sklein382 12-17-2008 02:34 PM

Steve, I am having the exact same problem. I am able to connect the blackberry to the pc at first. The device shows up in the blackberry device manager. But I get the problem with Vista not being able to find the drivers and in the Windows Device Manager it is listed as an unknown Bluetooth Peripheral Device. I can initially connect my device to Blackberry Desktop Manager, and have tried using multiple versions of the Manager, however when it comes time to actually preform a function, I lose my connectivity and the Manager seems to freeze up.

I have spent a couple hours searching around, and will let you know if I find anything as well.

cdubose97 12-27-2008 02:11 PM

I'm having problems getting the BB Desktop Manager (on Dell XPS-Vista) and the BB 8830 to recognize each other at all. I'll read through your posts again to see if they help me. Maybe by then you'll have resolved the issues I have yet to run into (smile). thanks

vishwanath.yr 01-04-2009 01:36 AM

Moved on to January, but still the same problem
I got a Blackberry Bold a couple of days ago. I'm facing the exact same problem. Have been searching the internet for the past 48 hours with no luck!

nanderto 01-06-2009 10:45 PM

I am experiencing the same issue with being prompted to connect. I think I should be able to set an option to connect on my PC automatically, after all I can set my phone up that way. If any one has any idea how to do that, that would be great.
As for the other issues I dont have alot of help but: Missing Drivers - I experienced the same issue but decided not to worry about the missing driver since I am not missing any functionality that i need(yet). I had some other issues which I posted elsewhere on this forum ( i am not aloud to post a link search "Device Manager - Bluetooth option unavailable" if interested) I hacked around them and got the same error messages about a missing driver. If you look in the windows device manager you will likly see a bluetooth device installed and running correctly and an additional bluetooth device(s) that is not installed correctly. But since your sync is working I would just tell vista the next time it prompts to never prompt again for the drivers. As for being prompted every few minutes, this isn't much help but one possibility could be that your device is loosing connection and then attempting to reestablish the connection. I dont know how likley this is as my Storm connects pretty much anywhere in my house, but the range of your bluetooth radio on your laptop migiht be different.

Ericarcher57 02-06-2009 08:48 AM

I too have the same problems with my new BB Bold 9000.

As to the first driver problem, If you check the available services for the BB in bluetooth/device properties it shows 3 services. I have disabled the 2 blackberry ones and left the modem ticked, this stops the "bluetooth peripheral" driver prompts. It looks like there are no drivers for these blackberry services available for Vista.

As to the second problem I have this on both my Vista desktop and my XP pro (SP2) laptop. Before upgrading I had an 8100 pearl and this worked fine (it can't be my bluetooth adaptor/drivers). The only difference was the Pearl was on an earlier version of device software. I wonder if this problem is linked to 4.6?

JMKerbow 02-06-2009 09:09 AM

Check under the Options menu for Bluetooth and choose the Device properties for the connection to your computer. Check the Trust choice and make it "Yes" instead of "Prompt" for it to be treated as an automatic connection and I think the connection will be less likely to drop periodically. If it does, it may re-connect automatically without as much intervention from you via the keyboard. That seemed to help with my connections to anything that I wanted on my Bluetooth list of devices, just make sure you choose those items that you do trust completely.

Ericarcher57 02-07-2009 07:42 AM

I already had trusted connection checked!

Just upgraded my Bold to the latest OS (see sticky in bold forum) and the problem has now been resolved with regard to the connection prompts. The driver requests have stopped since I disabled the BB Bypass and BB Desktop services. All now seems stable and working OK

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