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CharlieMike73 05-25-2009 06:40 PM

Looking for a Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones
Hi all,

I am looking for a set of Bluetooth headphones (with mic) that are waterproof. Does anyone know of any?

I saw one set, forgot the make, but they were black and red with a 'behind the head' band. They are advertised as waterproof, but users called BS on that, so I'm asking here.


kirrinjones 05-25-2009 07:00 PM

Wirelessly posted

I'm sorry, just curious why you would need a waterproof bluetooth headset? Is it that you might be in the shower, pool, beach, and don't want to miss a call?

I'm just curious why this would be needed.

FF2 05-26-2009 08:47 AM

The ones you mentioned are the Motorola S9's. They are suppose to be water-resistant and take sweat from workouts. Some folks have had problems with them. I've used them but have not soaked them although I do sweat a lot.

They can also have dropout problems when walking outside unless the BB is positioned in a good location.

CharlieMike73 05-26-2009 09:33 AM

I do a fair few water sports and such, but yes, it is mainly so I can take calls in the shower - ;o)
I hope to scare the telemarketers away - lol

Cant wait till I can video-conf with them!

But joking aside, yes there is a good chance of them getting wet, more so than just a little sweat. I have already burnt out 3 Motorolla headsets because they got wet... just getting expensive and missing calls is not really an option either.

Anyway, thnx for the interest; if anyone has any suggestions please share them...

Thank you,

CharlieMike73 05-26-2009 09:41 AM


Originally Posted by FF2 (Post 1391821)
Motorola S9's

Yes those are the ones I was looking at that are advertised as 'waterproff' but have a number of people saying they are not. My others where just regular headsets, not advertised as waterproof.

I do not intend to go diving with them on - not sure what cell towers T-Mo has placed on the ocean floor, but my head could go under while wearing them.

Also pref. ones with a headband rather than in-the-ear buds! - do they even make bluetooth buds?


kirrinjones 05-26-2009 01:41 PM

Oh, ok, now I get it, I thought about it after posting and figured that it could be sweat, but then, that's a lot. I see now.

Sorry don't know of any.

Video Calling WILL change the telemarketing landscape, viewing you on the crapper would be a bad time :)

pendenga 06-19-2009 01:39 AM

I'm looking for headphones for when I'm swimming at the gym. I was looking for iPod cases and waterproof radios but I thought about just using Bluetooth headphones instead. I could put my Blackberry on the side of the pool by my towel and use the bluetooth headphones in the pool.

Would that even work? If so, has anyone heard of some 'really waterproof' bluetooth headphones?

new memberr 11-23-2009 02:50 PM

The answer to the problems of bad signal outside and a waterproof/sweatproof solution is a new product due out soon from Mi-Sport [inside info!] at
Firstly the mp3 player is built in, like their old product, and waterproof. It will also be bluetooth to stream music to the headphones from the phone or take a call, but the headphones have been specifically made super sensitive to the bluetooth signal to avoid fall out outside. This will also drastically increase the inside range from the standard class 2 10m without being class 1 bluetooth which is around 100m and a strong signal. I think it`s out sometime in January.

spoonsslick 03-11-2010 11:05 PM

Try bluetrek x2 or x3. I'm thinking of getting one

kenchowhku 07-10-2010 05:06 AM

I'm a lifeguard and I'm using BFU-Wavetooth, swimming class (IPX8) stereo waterproof bluetooth headset, with good sound quality and 3.5mm changeable earphone too, recommend trying, you can google or youtube "wavetooth" for more info.

PS. it also include a waterproof cell phone bag (put your blackberry inside) and a waterproof single earphone too.

new memberr 09-23-2010 09:20 PM

Wavetooth not a patch on the Mi-Sport VBT
The wavetooth waterproof headphones provided are only in mono [their stereo ones are not waterproof] and you can`t use in sea water or sweat in them as "the jack will rust" [actually says this in their manual]. The Mi-Sport VBT is a far superior, better engineered product in my opinion.

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