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John Clark 02-12-2010 02:20 PM

BlackBerry Pairing With Honda or Acura and Address Transfer
So, a couple years ago I got a 2008 Odyssey Touring with built-in Bluetooth. It's a great system but one thing I've found is that the BlackBerry doesn't pair with the car according to any instructions found in the car's owner's manual or online in structions on the Honda website.

It took quite some time and some great frustration to figure out how to get them to pair and I'm assuming many have given up if they don't have the same geeky OCD that I do. So, below are my instructions for pairing with the Honda or Acura HandsfreeLink system. This may be the same on other makes and models, as well, but this is the only one I'm familiar with.

Pairing the BlackBerry Smartphone with the car:

First, you have to follow the car's voice prompts and get to the phone pairing menu. See your owner's manual for these instructions. Once in this pairing menu follow the instructions below:

1. Go to Options >Bluetooth >Add Device on your BlackBerry. Leave the phone on that screen but don't do the actual search for devices yet.

2. When you get to the pairing menu in the voice system on the car, the car will ask you to speak a four digit code (usually called a passcode) which the phone will ask for during pairing.

2. Once you speak the code, the car will speak it back to you. After you confirm the code is correct the car will begin to search for devices. As soon as it does, hit the "search" on your BlackBerry so that your phone is also searching for Bluetooth devices.

3. If all goes well you should see "1 Found" in the blue bar on the BlackBerry screen. As soon as the "HandsfreeLink" shows up in the list, select it and quickly enter the passcode you spoke into the car in step 1. Note: If you take too long to enter the passcode the phone will not pair and you will need to start over.

At this point the phone should now be paired! The confusing part of this process is that the instructions given by the car say to make sure your phone is in "discovery mode." However, just making your BlackBerry "discoverable" in the options isn't enough. The car has to search for the phone at the same time the phone is searching for the car.

Transfer your Contacts:

This can be just as confusing as there are no real instructions and sometimes you will get a message saying that the device doesn't support this feature. The BlackBerry DOES support this feature. Here is what I do to get my address uploaded.

1. Make sure your device is paired with the car as instructed above.

2. In your Bluetooth Options change the "Device Name" to whatever you want to show in the list on the car. Then make sure that "all entries" are selected for transfer in the same list of options.

3. Go back to the list of "Paired Devices" and highlight the "HandsFreeLink." Then select "Transfer Contacts." The device may think for a moment and say "generating contact list" then say "transfer failed."

4. At this point go to your Honda's menu and select "Import Phonebook" (for specific instructions on finding this option on the display, see your owner's manual.)

4. The Phonebook should begin to load. It can take a few minutes depending on how many contacts you have. I have about 300+ contacts and it takes 2-3 minutes to upload the entire address book.

5. Once the transfer finishes, for me, it always displays that the entire address book could not be uploaded but it seems that most of them get uploaded. I've never compared to see what is actually missing but I have quite a few contacts that don't have phone numbers so that could be the issue.

Hope this helps!


guettav 02-13-2010 04:56 AM

what can you do with Audi A6 MMI and Bold 9700? Pairing is OK but not contact transfer

neil154 03-30-2010 05:34 PM

I have a 2008 Honda Accord with built in bluetooth and I was able to follow your direction without any problem. Everything went exactly as you described except at the very end after BB9550 said it failed I then went to the Honda and had it import the phone book and I got the usual message that it failed and there is nothing in my phonebook. Any additional suggestions would be appreciated

John Clark 03-30-2010 05:45 PM

I only get the "failed" message when I select transfer contacts on the device. Once I go to the car menu to import address book it will usually load the address book. I've had to do the process more than once to get it to work. Sometimes you have to be a little creative as the instructions with the car and the phone never include enough information.

neil154 03-30-2010 05:52 PM

I tried it several times the way you suggested and then I tried doing the push from BB at the same time as I did the pull from the car but no success.

I previously tried other combinations without success.

I don't know what else to try. Do you know of any way that I could transfer to the car phone book using my PC laptop (win 7 64 bit) which has BT?

John Clark 03-30-2010 06:12 PM

I don't think that's possible.

It's been a month or so since I did this last (was the same time I made this post) so I don't have any more info for you. What I posted above is what worked on my Odyssey.

neil154 04-03-2010 05:20 PM

Well I guess I will continue looking on this forum if any new comes up on the issue but thanks for you information.

turtleman52 12-31-2010 03:09 PM

Re: BlackBerry Pairing With Honda or Acura and Address Transfer
hi im trying to pair my bb9800 torch with the bluetooth hands free link on my 2010 honda odyssey i can get to the part where i need to import phone book it says connecting fail

John Clark 12-31-2010 04:12 PM

Re: BlackBerry Pairing With Honda or Acura and Address Transfer
Did you get the phone paired with the car? Can you receive calls on it, etc.?
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turtleman52 12-31-2010 05:20 PM

Re: BlackBerry Pairing With Honda or Acura and Address Transfer
yes it would pair up then it would back and tell me that it fail

John Clark 12-31-2010 06:02 PM

Re: BlackBerry Pairing With Honda or Acura and Address Transfer
You're going to have to explain yourself a little better. I don't understand your question.
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turtleman52 12-31-2010 06:28 PM

Re: BlackBerry Pairing With Honda or Acura and Address Transfer
when i go to pair my phone up it pairs up but when i get ready to import the phone book it tells me that the connection failed i need to know do i need to do to getit to import the phone book and stay connected up

John Clark 01-02-2011 01:29 AM

Re: BlackBerry Pairing With Honda or Acura and Address Transfer
You might try removing the HandsfreeLink from your list of devices and try to pair the phone and the car again. Then try the upload again.
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