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Bonobo 02-12-2010 04:24 PM

Painfully slow Bluetooth Transfer
Ok, so i have a Bold 9700 on vodafone, and i ALSO have a vista enabled laptop.

I have been trying this evening to send pictures from my phone to my laptop via bluetooth.

The devices are paired, and i have sent things to the blackberry before, but this is an odd problem....

When selecting an image, i select 'send using bluetooth' and select my laptop and tell them to go for it.

See this is fine and it works, but it is INSANELY slow. When transferring with bluetooth on my old Sony Ericcson bluetooth was so very easy and rapid, but with this it is like a lame duck.

To illustrate how slow this transfer is, i started registering on this forum when it was at 25% and it is currently at 88%, this bearing in mind the 5 minutes or so i had to wait before the confirmation email. I have looked all over the place for help, but to no avail.

So i left it a while, and the transfer just finished. The Image is 306kb!!! This is ridiculous. It is actually quicker for me to attach it to an email and send it. What is the point in even having bluetooth transfer if it is like this?!

Do any of you have any ideas? I would be most grateful if you did..

Thanks a lot.

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