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neter66 05-20-2007 04:05 PM

Lexus address book transfer
After weeks of trying, I have been able to transfer my address book from my BB 8700 to my Lexus IS 250.


BB 8700 v4.2.1.85 (Platform
2007 Lexus IS 250 (Nav version 6.1)


Your phone is already paired to the car
You have selected the phone as the active phone in the car's settings
The car is running
You are parked
You are running at least the version listed above - there were issues with previous versions


To start the address book transfer, go to Phone (using the steering wheel off-hook button), select Settings, select Phone Book, select "Transfer Phonebook" and choose the group you would like to put the contacts in.

Your BB will loose it's connection to the car. I always thought this was a problem, and it was because of an error, but this is expected. When you loose connection it means the car is ready to accept the transfer.

From your BB, go to Options, select Bluetooth, and you will see the car as a paired device, click your scroll wheel, and choose Transfer Address Book.

The BB will re-establish the bluetooth connection, and then negotiate the address book transfer.

You will now have your address book transfered to your car.

Hope this helps!

Scott77 09-04-2007 04:07 PM

Netter66...That was great. Everything worked like a charm just like you said. I have been looking for this solution for almost two years. Thank you!!! (y) (y)

lexus 09-29-2007 09:17 PM

phone book transfer
netter 66,
when I tried to go to options--> bluetooth-->car as a paired device -->clicked on it but could not find "Transfer Phonebook". The only options were: disable blue tooth, connect, add device, delete device, device properties, options, close. Any suggestions?

nerath 10-19-2007 10:16 PM

Also no "transfer address book" menu item
I'm stuck on the same thing. BB 8703e, paired to my-car, trusted, discovery enabled, select download address book on the car (2008 Nissan) and it waits. Meanwhile, I can not find any menu item anywhere to tell the BB to send it. The address book transfer option is set to "all", and I've tried disabling & re-enabling.

Very frustrating. Any help would be appreciated.

BB 8703e Verizon
v4.1.0.377 (Platform


erickson6441 01-05-2008 07:06 PM

doesn't work with a Pearl
I did the above using netter66's advice. The phone is paired and trusted. I'm linking an 08 RX400h. The phone hangs with a waiting for XXX (name of car unit) and never reconnects. The only way to un-hang is to remove the battery. I've tried this with an 8800 also. Same. These are new phones.

as for the 8700 of nerath, the Lexus Lets Talk site says the 8700 can't send data. I found this to be true. There is no menu pick for transfer Address Data.

I'm to the point where I will upload only critical data from my V# Razr one at a time. This does work but seems tedious.

Another site seems to say that the US Government had RIM remove the ability to upload data. Any truth?

Im My Bimmer this is all automatic and it even uploads my Iphone with out pushing from the phone. It's done in the background with any paired phone.

Why in a world of standards can't these guys figure this out?:x

holden 01-05-2008 07:25 PM

Ditto on the Bmer

The BMW folks have this figured out so I am not convinced the Government is blocking anything. I was able to do this at work for our Execs on the Beemr 7 series with an 8700c but the Lexus 350 was a pain and would only allow a limited number of addresses. It was almost like it was trying to upload only SIM addresses off the BB Handheld with only about 20 addresses going into the car address book whenever it paired. Never really got the entire address book on the Lexus 350 to goto the car. This was using the 8800 Blackberry.

I will try the above method the next time I get the chance and see if this will work. The exec with the 350 Lexus who used to have the 8800 has now been migrated to the Curve.

Thanks for the documentation on your procedure...


erickson6441 01-07-2008 05:22 PM

one at a time
OK. it is true that the V3 Razr will only transfer one contact at a time. It is also true for the lexus to drop the connection before the transfer. Here is how it goes.

Pair the phone, as described in the manual.

On the V3 go to address book and scroll to the contact to send.
Push menu button
Scroll down to send (don't push yet) (you can also scroll up form the "new" pick and it willgo to the bottom of the list to "send"

On the Lexus go to info
Select phone
Select settings
Select phone book
Select Transfer Data, then select group per your your liking
The screen will show "under Transfer"

At this point the car will cut off your bluetooth connection and your phone will beep and message you to the disconnect. The connection is soon (1 To 2 seconds) will be reestablished by the car and the phone will show you a message verifying so. At this point press the select button (the send pick should still show).

The next screen on the phone will allow you to pick where it is sending data. Select the Lexus by name, "Hands Free" is the default. Pick via the scroll and push select. The paring then takes place and data is sent. you can see this on the phone and when complete the phone returns back to the contact list and the Lexus returns back to the phone screen.

OK, this sound tedious, I had 100 do enter. Turn up the music, Smoke something, relax and start punching buttons. The hardest thing is repeating the routine after you burn out about 15 contacts in.

Good luck.

I'm still looking to Blackberry for a solution and to apple to make the IPhone work. I'll post when I get something

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