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dhendriksen 09-07-2008 11:19 PM

WTS - Unlocked Titanium 8310 - Make Offer
Item : Unlocked Titanium 8310
Price : Make Offer - I don't know?!? SEE NOTES!
Currency : USD
Condition : 9/10 - Cosmetically - read description below.
Includes : Everything that came in the box. The accessories in the box have actually never even been touched, because I had a curve before and i just used those accessories.

Selling Details
Location : SLC, UT
Willing to Ship : Yes
Payment Methods : Paypal, or cash with local pickup.
Contact : [email address] Please do not send me a PM.


This phone is only about 8 weeks old, and is unlocked. It has one nick on the front/bottom, near the microphone. It was dropped once and has little nick there. Also, some of the gel like black paint on the top is peeling off. Anyone who has owned a curve knows this is normal, and it still looks great. It has invisible shield on until about a week ago, when it started peeling on the corner so I took it off. The kicker here is that the trackball does not work. I dont know if it just needs to be cleaned, or what. The repair shop about 10 miles from here said best case would be $10 if it just needed to be cleaned, and worst case would be $45 if it needed a new trackball and circuit board. The phone has not been wet or anything, and it actually works spiratically. Most of the time however, the trackball will not scroll. It clicks just fine, but doesn't scroll. I am confident that if you were an AT&T subscriber, you could get it warrantied and end up with a brand new phone. I had T-Mobile, but needed the GPS, so I bought this from AT&T outright and unlocked it. I would get it fixed, but I switched to Verizon so I dont care anymore. Make me an offer via email please.

I also have another one just like this except everything still works. I may have that one sold, but would take back up offers and will know in a couple of days if the perfect one is indeed sold or not.


kevinduong 10-19-2008 10:24 PM

Do u have Pic??

dhendriksen 10-20-2008 10:55 AM

Mods, I sold this over a month ago and thought I stated that earlier. Can you please close this thread?

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