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BBFriend 06-23-2009 01:05 AM


i like this site..they are providing the free software for BlackBerry..
the good thing which i feel is that....i change my BBNumber and carrier..but same link is working so no need to register again for new carrier.
i appreciate the developer and the Betaar3 Site management team


rambo47 06-23-2009 10:20 PM

*snif* *snif*....

Smells like spam to me....

Raptor464 06-23-2009 10:29 PM

This is a very "suspicious" post

jeremyckitching 06-24-2009 01:33 AM

The broken English almost ALWAYS gives it away...

rambo47 06-24-2009 09:04 AM

Lets see:

Foreign site name being lauded. xxx8730;
New user (first post) with poor English skills. xxx8730;
Unintelligible information. xxx8730;

Oh yeah, it's quackin' like a duck!

dankarlinski 06-25-2009 10:53 AM

yes. even check the site. the only thins on there is an app to check weather for 35 dollars a year.

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