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rambo47 06-23-2013 02:13 PM

WTS: Sprint BlackBerry 9650
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Item :BB 9650 (Sprint)
Price :$120 shipped via USPS Priority Mail
Currency : USD
Condition : 9.5/10
Includes : Original earphones (unopened), wall charger, 2GB media card (installed, 1.8GB available space after formatting), black leather swivel belt holster, original manuals/booklets, original box. Sync cable NOT included. Need I mention that the BlackBerry itself as well as the battery are indeed included? Well, they are. :smile:

Also included are two leather (faux leather?) slip-in sleeves. Both have the sleeper magnet to shut off the screen of the inserted device and save battery. One is a Fortte sleeve (probably real leather) and the other is a cheaper eAccess sleeve (probably fake leather)

Hard plastic belt clip - no name.

Rubber slip-on "condom-like" sleeve.

Selling Details
Location : Denville, NJ.
Willing to Ship : Yes - Domestic U.S. Only
Payment Methods : PayPal, check or money order (wait to ship until cleared), or even beads and shells if they're particularly nice.
Contact : [email address]


Any alternate shipping method will be paid for by the buyer. I will not - no how, no way - ship outside the U.S. This is a CDMA phone that has world phone capabilities but its not intended to operate on GSM as a primary network. Folks have all manner of problems when they try and use a CDMA device on a GSM network and frankly I don't want to hear about all the problems that will inevitably result from such folly.

This is a super clean minty fresh 9650. I used it for only a couple months before upgrading - yet again - to the 9930 (paying full retail in the process). The 9650 was used with a leather slip-in sleeve case, thereby preserving the devastatingly good looks of the device.

rambo47 06-28-2013 06:00 PM

Re: WTS: Sprint BlackBerry 9650
I also have a 16GB WiFi-only PlayBook in 9.5/10 condition we could discuss to sweeten the deal. Throw in another $50 for the PlayBook (package deal only!) and you have a nice little BlackBerry combo deal. Think of the PlayBook as the toy in a Happy Meal.

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