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kdscheiwe 08-29-2006 06:34 PM

WTS 7100g up for trade/deal
Item :7100g Cingular
Price :Switching to T-mobile and just need a nice phone for cingular for voice only. Will to sell but rather have phone like a samsung d807 to trade for. Open for any deals. Custom made ferrari designed theme designed by me that wows everyone will be include. I will wipe the handheld then install this. This phone wows everyone and alot custom work into theme.
Currency :US
Condition : 9.5 /10
Includes :Ferrari theme. Maybe some ringtones if requested. Work on razr alot so possible deal there too!

Selling DetailsWill ship or whatever is needed to be done!
Location :Atlanta, GA
Willing to Ship :Yes
Payment Methods :Paypal
Contact :email me at [email address] or pm me

NotesWilling to make deal!

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