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cyberkamote 03-10-2009 12:54 AM

An Important Reminder from Globe Telecoms Philippines
Im not a Globe fan, specially their after sales support, but this is one useful tip for Globe users in the Philippines.

Dear Valued Client,

With the objective of providing customers with the best mobile internet experience, Globe Telecom has recently launched its new mobile-internet charging scheme – P5 for 15min or Duration-Based Charging (DBC). This new charging scheme allows Globe's subscribers to access the internet via their mobile phone or laptop attached to their mobile phones, using Globe’s GPRS/EDGE, 3G or HSDPA network, and be billed on time spent connected to the internet, instead of being billed on each kilobyte downloaded (P0.15 per kilobyte). By default, all Globe Subscribers are on volume or kilobyte-based charging.

To activate P5 for 15min, subscribers will only need to text TIME to 1111. Subscribers however, may still revert to kilobyte-based charging by sending KB to 1111. By default, all Globe Subscribers are on kilobyte-based charging.

Do note however, BlackBerry users are not advised to convert to Duration-Based charging. BlackBerry is a 24x7 connected service, which entails that data charges will apply 24x7 as well (computed at about PhP480/day). Although the BlackBerry service is active all the time, data transactions are in small volumes due to BlackBerry’s compression. It is more economical for BlackBerry users to stay on volume based charge (PhP 0.15/kb) and the world-wide average GPRS consumption of BlackBerry users is approximately 5MB of data only (approximately PHP 750/month).

Thank you,

zocster 03-10-2009 02:57 AM

Wirelessly posted

Wow that's affordable why do they charge so reasonable over in Indonesia and phillipines than nz or other country

cyberkamote 03-10-2009 06:07 PM

Generally, I think it's computed basing on the cost of living, they see if the prices they would put up will be feasible for the place..maybe thats why it's cheaper here (the data rates at least..)

lolz, to be honest the price is, well, it's fine. and here in the philippines for example, not every person can afford a 3G phone so they're actually still luring ppl to buy them phones and use 3G...

well, i must admit I use WLAN more than 3G, if im using my personal phone (Nokia E90) but for my BB, it's 3G 24/7 on Globe..

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