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crisambo 04-20-2009 05:59 PM

Sprint/Nextel Warranty Policy updated
Following bulletin was received via email from Sprint Corp. Rep. this afternoon:

Sprint Updates Warranty Policy, No More In-Warranty Fees

Sprint has updated the warranty policy, effective this week. Customers will now be able to have their phones serviced at any Sprint Nextel service location at no charge for phones that are in warranty and no longer have to send the devices to the manufacturer. For out of warranty service, customers will pay a flat rate of $99 for phones and mobile broadband cards, or $119 for smart devices.

The one year warranty period will be determined by the date of original activation for the device. The ESRP plan add-on will now act as a standard extended warranty plan. Customers with ESRP will not have to pay for out-of-warranty service, but physical damage will still trigger the $99/$119 fee.

Sprint ESRP Options Phone Protection Solutions

Software Updates are also now free under the new policy, regardless of warranty status. Under the old warranty policy, software updates were only free if they were deemed “critical” updates (otherwise requiring a $35 fee, which was waived if the customer had the ESRP plan). Under the new policy, all updates regardless of classification will be free.

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Call Care (800)927-2199 CDMA or (877)639-8351 iDEN or *2 Sprint/611 Nextel from your Mobile Phone - Premier Care customers contact your WFS.

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