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steph2611 02-05-2010 04:49 AM

Problem with synchronisation BES and Lotus Notes

So I have a problem with my BES server and my BlackBerry 8520.

My BES is version 5 but I am not the administrator ...

So actually my problem is that wireless synchronization works very badly ...

When I receive an email on Lotus Notes and I read it, it is not marked as read on my BlackBerry, even after several hours ...

For cons, I get almost instantly my mails on my BlackBerry and my mail box and when when I read the mail on my BlackBerry, it is marked read in my Lotus Notes ...

The setup for my BB in options - Reconcilialtion e-mail:
removal activated: Mailbox & Mobile Terminal
Wireless Reconcile: Active
In case of conflict: Focus on the mailbox

Also when I delete emails from my BlackBerry, from time to time the removal is not in my mailbox Lotus Notes ... primarily on mail coming from outside my company (from Internet)

Have you ever encountered this type of problem is what are your recommendations / solutions??

Thank you for your help
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