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Darkhart 05-01-2010 12:29 PM

Data plan
k so i have a wind carrier, and my sibling is moving out of the country and im planning to use his rogers sim because he doesnt want to pay the cancellation fee. So my question is: would any roger data plan can be used for my bb?

Dubdub 05-01-2010 03:25 PM

Nope. You need a BB data plan, especially if you are planning to use any RIM related services such as email, BBM. the BB Browser, etc.

What do I need a Data Plan for? - BlackBerryFAQ

dc/dc 05-01-2010 11:17 PM

Has anyone seen my English?

Noodle22 05-03-2010 07:24 AM

Keep in mind, Rogers can switch it to a BlackBerry data plan for you, as long as you are still keeping the data term. If they have the old expired $30 6gb data plan, they may be able to add on an apn.blackberry code that may make that plan work on your device but there is no garuntee.

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