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Mr.Curve 10-11-2010 04:40 PM

Should I try calling Rogers customer relations again?
I am with Rogers for 8 years. I have 10.5 months remaining of my 3 year contract. Yesterday I called Rogers customer relation to get a better plan for less. My current plan:
250 day
unlimited weeknights/weekend after 6
CID, voice mail, who called
Rogers to Rogers
125 text
6 GB data
All for $52 + 6.95 SAF+0.75 911+taxes.

I told them that my friends that i have referred to Rogers have better plans for less money ( more min, long distance, more text, discount on data, unld incoming ).

All the offered was to add 100 min a day and 100 long distance.

Should I try calling again for more or is this good?

I want what I have right now but would like 100-200 more day min, 100-200 long distance, 100-200 text and get $10-15 monthly credit for the data.

I have 3 cell lines with them, internet and home phone for the monthly bill of $225.

Thanks for your input!

dc/dc 10-11-2010 11:20 PM

Call again.

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