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terry_graham 10-14-2010 01:06 PM

roaming issues
hi, i am with Orange Mauritius and travel quite a bit. Due to island remoteness and for some unknown reasons, some carriers in Europe do not give me data roaming on my Bold 9700, although roaming partnership on gprs or 3g exists. The gprs/edge/3g remains small letters, despite reboot/removal of battery and choosing all of the networks.

I was wondering whether i can buy a sim card in UK / France, with data / blackberry such that I can swap my sim card once i arrive in Europe, and get all my BES data to my device, with the European sim, once in Europe.

would this be that simple or would BES know that i am linked to my Orange card in Mauritius and it will not work?

your comments welcome, (and any workarounds!)

thanks, Terry

dc/dc 10-15-2010 12:53 AM

It's not that simple. You would need to have contract service in Europe and the UK to get in order to get BES service. Everything Everywhere UK (formerly Orange UK) has prepaid BIS service, but not BES.

Your BES server is tied to the PIN of your device, not your SIM, but you still need a BES-capable plan, and that will be nigh impossible to get without a contract, which usually requires residency in the country.

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