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dalr 12-30-2010 05:20 PM

What dataplan with BES?

Just got a Blackberry 9780. I have my email address on an Exchange server that can offer BES access.

Before the Blackberry 9780, I had a WinMo device that would connect via ActiveSync. Therefore, I already have a data plan.

The 9780 can access the Internet without any problem on the current data plan.

My carrier (Swisscom) tells me I need to get a supplementary, specific, BES data plan, for my 9780 to be able to connect to my Exchange's BES.

I am new to the Blackberry world, but having freely enjoyed ActiveSync over the past few years, I find it odd that I would be charged by my carrier to access a remote server when I already pay for mobile Internet access.

Before ordering BES for my Exchange account (which would also be costing me), I want to be sure I don't have to take a special Blackberry BES plan from my carrier when, in fact, it would not be the one providing the BES service.

Can anyone help me sort it out? :-) Thanks!

Happy new year to everyone.

Dubdub 12-30-2010 05:51 PM

Re: What dataplan with BES?
If you are going to connect to BES, then you need the BES data plan. You should be able to drop your other data plan as BES includes Internet and other RIM related services.

However, many of use here do not recommend putting your personal BB on the company BES as the IT Policy can really lock it down and limit what you can do. Plus, make sure that you read this:

What can a BES Administrator xxx8220;seexxx8221; on my BB...

What does BES see; what can be tracked/logged? - : Your BES Connection

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