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lourenssenm 02-22-2011 10:01 AM

Prepaid Simcard in a BlackBerry Torch
Hi people,
A few months ago I got myself a simlock free BlackBerry Torch working on the T-Mobile Network in the Netherlands with a BIS contract.

Now I see around me more and more operators T-Mobile / Vodafone introducing BIS services on their prepaid simcards.

In the past with my old Windows phone I used to purchase a local pre-paid simcard of the country where I travelled to and so i could use the internet and download my IMAP email.

Now I have the question that IF I get to travel with my BB and get a Prepaid Simcard that I install in my torch providing BIS service if my email etc. will work or not?

It often saves me a lot of money on my phonebill normally by using pre-paid simcards while travelling. Often I travel to Germany and there they also sell pre-paid simcards now with BIS now. If like a german simcard would work in my torch than that would save me a lot of money on my roaming internet (T-mobile NL charges 8,5 eur per mb).

Now i'm talking about europe but I think this is starting to become a worldwide trend.

dc/dc 02-22-2011 10:18 AM

Re: Prepaid Simcard in a BlackBerry Torch
It will work provided you have unregistered your device from your home network operator prior to departing.

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