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DSHThomsons 03-31-2011 11:40 AM

02 BES Device in Romania not working...!!!!!

Hi Guys,

I've had a dig around on various forums and cannot see anything similar to my problem.

I have a user that is frequently travelling to Romania, however when he gets there he loses phone and data and device switches to SOS only.

His setup: 02 (UK), BES User, Blackberry 8520 device. The SIM is fully open to Roaming for both data and voice as is the device (set to data on whilst roaming).

When we spoke to O2 they advised that Romaina has 3 carriers, Cosmot, Orange, Vodaphone. They said the preffered carrier that will work best is Orange so we manually tried connecting to that without luck. We also tried the other carriers and again they didnt work.

Our guy actually had his own personal phone with him, and when he put the SIM into that voice worked fine.

He has been out to Romania twice in the last month and we gave him a brand new 8520 as put the first instace down to a faulty device, yet he has exactly the same problem on the new device too.

Long shot I know, has anyone come across this before Or offer any troubleshooting ideas other than the standard ?!

Thanks heaps in advance.


dc/dc 04-01-2011 03:15 AM

Re: 02 BES Device in Romania not working...!!!!!
I have run into this issue before, and it was usually fixed by pulling the battery and leaving it out for at least 30 seconds before re-inserting upon arrival in the new country.

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