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rambo47 08-19-2012 09:08 PM

Disappointed There Was Never A CDMA 9810
I've always liked the Torch form factor. Large screen but in an overall compact design. And of course the Torch has the physical keyboard. Best of both worlds, IMHO. Alas, RIM never produced this model for either Sprint or Verizon. :x

There were rumors that the 9800 would get updated (it did - 9810) and would come to the CDMA carriers (it didn't). As is almost always the case, rumors turn out to be half true and half bullspit. The model Sprint eventually got was a no-keyboard model, the 9860, and judging by the poor reviews it was plagued with problems. They might call it a Torch model, but it's not the Torch I came to covet. This is more of a Storm/Bold hybrid.

Any other Sprint or Verizon users out there who are disappointed by this whole situation?

dc/dc 08-20-2012 09:05 AM

Re: Disappointed There Was Never A CDMA 9810
To be perfectly frank, I'm disappointed that our CDMA carriers didn't do what the Canadian ones did and convert to HSPA+ on their path to LTE. That would have allowed us all to use the same devices as the rest of the world. Sure the frequencies would be different, but it is far easier to change frequencies on a radio than it is to put in the whole different chip.

However, to keep on topic, if I still used BB, I would have loved a 9830 (or whatever they would have called it on the CDMA side) for Verizon. C'est la vie.

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