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ederborges 11-01-2007 10:57 AM

Possible problem with OS

I'm a beginner with Blackberry and I tried to make a simple test with my Blackberry. I installed JDE 4.3 and JSDK 1.5.0_13 in my machine. I took the HelloWorld example from and compiled it. It was fine, my application was running correctly with the Simulator. So I tried do Upload it to the Blackberry device (Blackberry 8700g) using the Desktop Manager. So when I try to upload the application an error occurred:

"A fatal error has occurred while updating your handheld's software. Please try again.
Unspecified error encountered [J:00000000A]"

And I was looking for it on Internet and I saw that it could be some incompatible between OS version and my application.

My OS is So I found that I should update it. But I found that I couldn't do it before try to know if my carrier accept the update.

Well, my problem is that I'm not the owner of the Blackberry, I only want to make some tests. I can't update or change anything in Blackberry. I can download a new version of JDE, but I don't know exactly wich one will work to me.

Now my question, How can I do the HelloWorld application works with my Blackberry 8700g OS


John Clark 11-01-2007 10:59 AM

Moved to Developer Forum

jfisher 11-01-2007 11:14 AM

you develop using the jde that matches your target os - for the 8700 you'd use jde 4.0 or 4.1

for pearl, curve, 8800 you'd usually use 4.2

not many people have any 4.3 devices, some development houses get preview devices and early access to os upgrades - most developers won't start using 4.3 until the majority of their target users are using it - and that'll probably be 6months to a year yet.

there's no problem with the os. just download an earlier jde from

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