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vashwin 11-08-2007 12:48 PM

Offline capability and TimeZone
Hi Everyone,

I am new to Blackberry development, I need to develop a application where Synchronization module invokes web services through a WAP gateway and receives data as XML files. I need to maintain two message Inbound messages (downloader) and Outbound messages (uploader) will be the XML files. I will be using kXML or nanoXML for parsing the XML files. The application accounts for change in timezone automatically, for example if a person using this application is in Central America or in any other timezone the application should automatically take the corresponding timezone. The application should also provide Offline capability. i.e. the application should be responsible for the re-establishment whenever a connection breaks from network coverage Zones.

Please throw some ideas for
1) Connecting to J2EE webservices through WAP Gateway through Https connection.
2) Account for automatic change in TimeZone.
3) Offline Capability.

I request for your early response.


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