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manishparanjape 10-06-2004 01:40 PM

HTTP Push Application not working with real MDS
I have a problem with push application that we designed.
Our push application is similar to the sample provided with Black
Berry JDE 3.7.
We replaced Push Server application with a Dot Net push server
application, which accepts BES Host Name, Port and Pin to push data.
It pushes data at

This works fine in simulator, We are able to add n number of contacts by
pushing data from our Dot Net application. But when we tried to run same
application with BES server it is not working.
We are not getting any error at both ends.
We can see the push connection at MDS, it shows data is being pushed
to MDS, We can also see small arrow at the top-right of handheld
indicating that there is some communication going on with the handheld
but the handheld is not receiving any data.

Also when we run Client application from Handheld it always give an
alert message "Application has requested a http connection to :100"
Alert message has 2 options "Allow this connection" and "Deny this connection"
We are using port 100 (http://:100) for receiving data on Handheld.

Can somebody help me in this? What could be the reason that data is not
displayed on handheld application. Is there any tool to debug this?
Is there any problem using port 100?
How can we suppress the alert "Application has requested a http
connection to :100"

Thanks in Advance


Mark Rejhon 10-07-2004 02:46 PM

To suppress the alert, you have to turn off the Firewall in "Options -> Firewall"

But you cannot tell every user to turn off the firewall on their BlackBerry for security reasons.

You need to select the checkbox "Always allow this connection", scroll wheel down when the message displays, select the checkbox, and click OK. Then the end users never get prompted again after the first time. End users can do that. Just instruct end users to do this.

Try selecting the "always allow..." checkbox on the first time you run this software, and then try starting the software again -- see if it works now.

manishparanjape 10-10-2004 12:53 PM

Thanks Mark,
That worked. I am no longer getting alert messages for HTTP Connection.
But my push application is still not working.

When I push data from Server Application,
I can see that there is change to MDS Statistics.
MDS Log shows that data is pushed to my handheld.
There is a small arraow at the top right of my handheld indicating that some communication happened.
Still my app does not receive the data.

Can you plese tell me what might be wrong.


prabharr 04-18-2005 12:50 AM

HI manishparanjape,

I have the same problem like you.My application on the Handheld/Simulator 4.0 doesn't receive data from MDS .This happens when the application is not running. When its receives data.....

But in 3.7 ,my pllication is able to receive data even when its not running.

Any settings for this..pls help


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