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pa4o85 03-24-2008 04:52 AM

Starts an application - problem !
I have an application! The source files are in packages like "com.mycompany....". The main application .java file is in out of that package tree, it is in the src directory. The application is starting and everything is ok. I decided to move the main .java file in the package "com.mycompany" and build the project again. The application is not starting firstly, and throws an exception, i don't know what exactly, because i catches the Exception objects. When i starts the application again, it starts all right. That is the same every time i build the application when the main .java file is not in the src folder. Do you know what is the problem? Does the blackberry devices/simulators (where i tested this strange behaviour) want the main .java file not to be in a package? Or there is a place in the .alx or .jad file to set the path to the main .java file ? Thanks !

pa4o85 03-24-2008 05:07 AM

Well, i am sorry about that, the problem is not there. The NonPersistableObjectException is thrown! But it will be interesting to know how the blackberry finds the main classes, as nowhere in the .alx or .jad file the path is specified.

richard.puckett 03-24-2008 10:10 AM

rapc will use the first "main" method that it finds on your build classpath; if your "src" folder is on your build classpath then it will get picked up. Do you have another "main" method somewhere in your app or is "src" included in your classpath?

Your exception means that you're persisting an object that does not implement Persistable.

pa4o85 03-24-2008 11:00 AM

Well i fixed the problem. It was not because of that i moved the position of the main class. The problem was that i have a class that implements Persistable but the interface did not extends Persistable, where the problem was.

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