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rimzim 07-27-2005 10:14 AM

USBPort class Portability
Hi there,

Im working on application using USB port. In the sample application named "USBDemo", there are two approaches given to handle the USB communication at the device side. One is by using GCF(Generic Connectivity Framework) & the other is LowLevel.

In case of LowLevel Usb approach, the USBPort class has been used. However, in the JDE API reference, it has been specified that "You should avoid using this class in applications, as it is not portable."

Here, my question is that what is meaning of portable that I should interprete. Thta means, whether I should consider it as "USBPort class is useful EXCLUSIVELY FOR ALL BLACKBERRY DEVICES". Or I should take it as "USBPort class is useful for only SPECIFIC RANGE OF BLACKBERRY DEVICES lets say BlackBerry Handheld Series 7100."

In short, I just want to know that whether USBPort class will work for all BlackBerry devices (having USB Port).

Earliest reply would be much apreciated.


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