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egopinath 07-30-2008 08:17 AM

Editing Module Dependency entries in the generated COD file
Hi all,

I am trying to build a blackberry application which uses web services. I am using my own web service client implementation since most of the mobiles does not support RPC or JSR 172. So I am not using net_rim_jaxrpc module of blackberry. I tried to deploy the application in Pearl 8130(Verizon) and Curve 8320(T Mobile). It works fine in Pearl but it throws "Module net_rim_jaxrpc not found" error in curve 8320. I looked for the software versions of both the phones. Pearl has a 4.3 version and Curve has a 4.2 version. i know that 4.2 version does not have a net_rim_jaxrpc module, so it throws the error message. I looked into the JAD file and it has an entry for net_rim_jaxrpc in 'RIM-COD-Module-Dependencies'. My question is, since I am not using net_rim_jaxrpc API why is it putting this entry in the JAD. I even tried removing this entry in the JAD but curve 8320 still throws the error message. So its configuring 'RIM-COD-Module-Dependencies' in some other place inside the COD file. If its doing so, why is it doing so even when I am not using the API :? . And how to remove this entry for dependency. I am using eclipse 3.2 for development.

Anyone please help me on this :cry:.



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