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nanika 08-24-2008 11:20 AM

How to best manage different OS targets?
I created an application using JDE 3.6.0 to ensure it is compatible with as many devices as possible. Now I want to add some features available only with more recent OS versions.

Everyone seems to agree that I will have to build another version with a more recent JDE (if there is a better option, I would be glad to hear it). Anyway, that's what I did.

But I'd like to hear your ideas about the best way to distribute the 2 versions of the software: for desktop installation, it looks like I can create a .alx file which will automatically (from the user's point of view) select the right one for his device but I can't see anything similar for an OTA install. Does that mean that I have to offer 2 different .jad downloads and let the user make his choice? Or did I miss something?

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