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nanika 08-24-2008 11:34 AM

How to transfer data files from a desktop?
I am currently porting MetrO (see http: // to the BlackBerry platform and I have not yet found out how I can ease the city databases transfer for our users.

The problem is that there are many of these files (more than 400), for different cities around the world and they are updated on a regular basis. Of course, when you use the software, you only install the cities you need, not all of them. This makes previously suggested solutions (such as embedded the data in resources) impractical.

In the current release, the program gets the user-selected files from an HTTP server but I have been asked to provide a way to install them from a desktop PC (as we do on all other mobile platforms). And I would like to use the same format I already have (which is "binary") because it takes a lot of time to keep the data up to date.

I wish someone would point me in the right direction for this...

Thanks in advance!

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