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ambar 09-10-2008 04:16 AM

Popupscreen issue.

I have created a screen showing progress of some action being performed.I want that user should have the flexibility of cancelling the progress i.e. a menu should come up on pressing the trackwheel and from it the user can select "stop whtvr ur doing.".

Constraints:this screen showing progress is a popupscreen.Please assume that I can not use any other screen other than a popupscreen.

I extended PopupScreen and added "close" menu item to it.However when i click the trackwheel button the menu doesnt appear .I dont know why?:?
One more thing I cannot cancel the screen by any means and only popScreen() works?
Heres the code.

class POP extends PopupScreen
    public POP(DialogFieldManager manager)
        super(manager );
        manager.add( new RichTextField("ssd") );

    private MenuItem closeItem1 = new MenuItem( "Exit", 0, 10 )
        public void run()

    protected void makeMenu( Menu menu, int instance )
      menu.add( closeItem1 );

Please help me out.Thnkx!

ambar 09-11-2008 03:40 AM

any ideas??

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