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franmoyang 09-10-2008 07:14 AM

Problem downloading application JDA/COD OTA
Hi all,

I have an application developed in J2ME with NetBeans 5.5.1 for BlackBerry (in J2ME standard), I generate the JAD (with COD additional information) and COD files.

In my webservice I have the JAD file and the sibling COD files (3 files), I try to download the application and it is done successfully, but it does not appear the icon in my desktop (the application is installed in the BlackBerry).

Do I have to write some special attribute in the JAD file or how can I solve this issue?

Thank and regards,

holy3daps 09-10-2008 01:34 PM

Without knowing more, I would suggest the following approach.

1. Use the RIM BlackBerry JDE development environment. Rebuild your application, and run it on the simulator to make sure your icon appears. Once that's working, move the COD(s) and JAD file to your webservice and try to download it. Once that works, compare the JAD file created by RIM JDE to the JAD file created by NetBeans. That may give you some clues.

2. One thing I've noticed (using the RIM JDE) is that sometimes the JAD file does not get updated when the COD files get updated, and that this can cause issues. Make sure that the JAD file is rebuilt every time you rebuild your application - I don't use NetBeans, so I cannot tell what its behavior will be.

3. Can you put all your code into one (1) COD file instead of splitting it up? If possible, try that and see what happens. Note: you'll have to use the BlackBerry Browser to download to a device, because the carrier-specific browsers cannot download more than about 65Kb at once.



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