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penck 09-11-2008 10:10 AM

Use PIM.getInstance().toSerialFormat to creat a vcard bytestream
Hi everybody
I've got a problem when I used PIM.getInstance().toSerialFormat to creat a bytestream with the form of vcard 2.1. Actually, the code is running well on the simulators; but when I tried to run it on the device(8800), the first 5 or 6 contacts could be well created and then it will get an error (IndexOutofBoundsExceptions) at this setence;
But on the simulator I've tested with a bigger size and a bigger length (contacts);
could anyone give me some suggestion? I'm really crazy for this...

My code:

ContactList contactList = (ContactList)PIM.getInstance().openPIMList(PIM.CON TACT_LIST,PIM.READ_ONLY);
Enumeration enumer = contactList.items();
while (enumer.hasMoreElements())
Contact contact = (Contact)enumer.nextElement();
ByteArrayOutputStream ostream = new ByteArrayOutputStream();
PIM.getInstance().toSerialFormat(contact, ostream,"UTF8",dataFormats[0]);
catch (Exception e)

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