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ibanez270dx 09-12-2008 06:05 PM

Duplicate contacts on Blackberry after sync
I have developed a synchronization program that pushes my company's contact items to each employee's contacts folder in their Exchange mailbox. From here, the BES attempts to sync those contacts with the user's Blackberry. However, when I initiate a "full push" where the contact items get deleted and recreated, the Blackberries end up with random duplicate entries although their contacts list in Exchange is accurate. Even deleted contact items sometimes end up sticking around in the BB, but not in Exchange. I would assume that the Blackberry thinks the duplicates are new entries and assigns them new GUIDs. Does anybody have any experience in resolving the issue? Is there a way I can perhaps wipe a user's BB contact list via a line command to the BES before I sync it?

Any help is appreciated!!

Thank you,
- Jeff Miller

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