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GERMartin 10-24-2008 08:37 AM

Free area under a VerticalFieldManager

if I use a VerticalFieldManager to change the backgroundcolor for the screen I want to use all available area of the screen. Therefor I use in the Constructor the Long Style USE_ALL_WIDTH | USE_ALL_HEIGHT But my problem is, the Manager has a free area from the last Field at the top to the bottom. There is no Differenz between 1 or 100 Fields on the Manager. If scroll down to the end and reach the last Field then i have there a big free area. How can i make that, the Manager ends at the last Field or there less Fields then available area that he use all Height of the Screen.

I hope you understand my Problem (my english isn't pretty good)


simon.hain 10-27-2008 04:33 AM

take a look at the different focus handling methods Field offers.

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