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MikaŽl Donini 10-24-2008 11:08 AM

RecordStore and jad file that references multiple .cod files
Hi All,

My application is a .jad file that references multiple .cod files. I have used updatejad.exe to build such a .jad.

In the first .cod file, I have implemented a RecordStore:


// store creation
RecordStore countriesStore = RecordStore.openRecordStore("COUNTRIES", true, RecordStore.AUTHMODE_ANY, true);
//  populate the store
String value = "France";
countriesStore.addRecord(value.getBytes(), 0, value.length());
// retrieve the value
String retrievedValue = new String(_countriesStore.getRecord(1))

This works perfectly.

But, I would like to access this record store in the second module (second .cod file that belongs to the same .jad file).

Is it possible?

Thanks a lot for your time and answer.

MikaŽl Donini, Arkadin France.

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