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PeteKorm 11-20-2008 11:25 PM

Midlet - canvas, small problem
Hi there,

new user here, first post, nice community you have!

Well basically, I' writing a small application using netbeans, and its working really great so far. One small problem i'm experiencing, is the following :

on my ''main'' page, I have an option button to show the applications options, and it works fine when I click on it, I can see the options and buttons etc.. But when I start a new game, and the canvas is shown, and I'm trying to call the same options form, the form is drawn, but there's no action I can do in it, the trackball events just seems to be consumed by the canvas , behind the form (cannot move from buttons to buttons). It's doing this in the simulator, and on a real device. Please note that the same application is working perfectly on other handsets (samsung instinct etc etc). So it has to be something blackberry related.

Also, it might be good to know that I'm using LWUIT too, for all the forms, except the canvas.

If anyone has an idea, that would be great!

English is not my primary language, and the problem is kinda odd to describe, if you need additional information, just let me know! thanks.

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