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georg 01-22-2009 07:39 PM

BlackBerry PlugIn for Eclipse Beta V2

have someone experience with using the second version of the Eclipse Plugin?

I'm using the first beta version but the second one seems to be much better. It looks like that no extra component packages are required since they are coming integrated in the Eclipse Plugin. (component package 4.7 is still not available for separate download but is available as part of the Eclipse Plugin)

I have tried the second version and I have some problems with it.

First it does not build the projects at all (no .cod files and so on ...). Has anyone made it builing? I'm grateful for tips.

The second one is there is no possibility to create an 'BlackBerry Workspace' anymore. If someone who downloaded Eclipse and BlackBerry PlugIn V2 (cominig with component package 4.5) only can't create a 'Workspace' right? (while Eclipse states to create or to import one in the preferences)

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