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yugushen 02-16-2009 09:28 AM

Does blackberry support East Asia character encodings?
I'm an newbie to blackberry development. I have some problems about character encodings.

I'm writing a small bb application, which needs to fetch an xml file from some server. Unfortunately, the xml file is not encoded in UTF8 but GBK (one kind of Chinese character encoding). So I try to convert it from GBK to UTF8. However, bb jvm tells me "Encoding GBK no support".

I search the JDE api reference, and find the documentation about character encodings in "java.lang.String" section. It says:


BlackBerry supports the following character encodings:

* "ISO-8859-1"
* "UTF-8"
* "UTF-16BE"

Support of other encodings is dependant on the actual device's configuration.
It seams that I need a simulator with East Asia characters supported, so I download such a version of simulator from the blackberry website. However, I'm no lucky. It still doesn't work. Actually I have tried my app in my real device (Bold), which supports East Asia characters (I can read and write Chinese), but my app still cannot find the support.

How do I make Chinese encoding supported in my app?

Any help is appreciated.

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