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jobincantony 02-19-2009 12:24 AM

Remove iCon from Riibbon field

I have developed an autostart application ( for Hard reset and Soft reset )
with 6 screens.

To enable this feature in “Soft reset”, application should have a background thread working even after application exit. On soft reset application background thread will get notification from blackberry OS and it can handle soft reset as normal application start.

I have couple of queries.

1)Is there any API available for removing all the screens from the Application display Queue by a single call? Now I am checking the screen count and removing the screen one by one.

2) I would like to remove the application icon from the Device Ribbon () after clearing the screens from queue. Is there any method to remove the icon from Ribbon field?

Thank you


joekr 02-19-2009 10:30 AM

for your second question, you can override acceptsForeground() in your class that extends UiApplication -- if you return false, it won't show up in the ribbon:


protected boolean acceptsForeground() {
  return _showInRibbon;

jobincantony 02-24-2009 02:38 AM

Hi, Thank you for your reply.

Actually my requirement is to remove the ICON from Device Ribbon () after clearing the screens from queue. that means the application is running in the background...

I need to keep my application running for detecting the SOFT Reset and perform the "Application start-up on device start up."

I am overriding the activate() method for doing the start-up activities. If I have override the acceptsForeground() method and it will return false, then the activate method will not be invoked...

any help...

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