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kenjkelly 03-14-2009 12:59 PM

9530 Sim (ver ,Browser, MDS sim takes 5 minutes to connect
Hi Folks,
latest net.rim.eide.componentpack4.7.0_4.7.0.46
Java 1.6.0_12.
Eclipse IDE.

I start the MDS Simulator and launch of the 9530 (STORM) Simulator (version

Start the Blackberry browser from the HOME screen, enter any URL and the browser usually timeouts. Try again immediately and, after a while it connects. After it connects everything is fine for the rest of the debug session.

While the browser is not working the MDS cmd shell is not 'moving'. When the MDS suddenly starts moving the browser gets the page. This is not website/Url dependent.

Any ideas why it takes up to 5 minutes for MDS to connect and be available to work properly? This is costing me a lot of time each time I have to start the 9530 Simulator.

kenjkelly 05-22-2009 03:13 PM

Follow-up : I checked the "Disable registration" box in the Network tab on debug configurations for the simulator. That seems to have shortened the MDS timeout-hang to about 30 seconds. MDS must be having problems (?on my machine?) registering the network? Since I don't know what it was trying to do I can't really say what a solution might be, but disabling it helps.
All networking works fine after that.

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