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polarbear1400 05-08-2009 06:58 AM

Decompiling a COD file
A had a project where the hard drive crashed and I only have the remaining COD file, is there anyway to retrieve the source code from this?

I would be VERY greatful for any help?

SergGr 05-09-2009 05:52 AM

Unfortunately there is almost no chances. Besides the fact the cod-files is proprietary and non-documented format, code is also obfuscated there. Here is a quote from official RIM's doc:

Obfuscate applications

Unlike traditional compilers, the compiler for the BlackBerry platform is optimized for a constrained wireless environment where the goal is to minimize the size of the application. The resulting .cod file provides a significant amount of obfuscation-like services similar to other true obfuscation packages in an effort to reduce the size of the .cod file itself. For example, the following information is removed from a .cod file:
•all debug information
•local variable names
•source Line Numbers
•private method and member names
As such, RIM does not believe it is necessary to provide obfuscation for applications in addition to the existing obfuscation provided by default for all applications compiled for the BlackBerry platform. In fact, RIM does not perform any additional obfuscation of its own products.

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